The Efficiency Trap

“The problem with trying to make time for everything that feels important is that you definitely never will.”

–  Oliver Burkeman (b. 1975), in an excerpt (published in the Aug 7-8 Wall Street Journal) from his new book “Four Thousand Weeks: Time Management for Mortals” 

If only I could get more done!  Talk about a trap!

More, it seems, doesn’t always equal better.  Sometimes, it’s the opposite.  Sometimes, we have to look at the thing and simply call it “the thing.”

The excerpt from the book closes with this:  “I’m aware of no other time management technique that’s half as effective as just facing the way things truly are.”

Long-time subscribers see this coming a mile away…  Cue Dr. Tom Graff — “most things in life are neither good nor bad, right nor wrong.  Most things just are.”

When we stop labeling and stop striving for more at the expense of better, we start maximizing the gifts God gave us, and the time He allows for us to use them.

Difference-making stuff.

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