About Us

Growth is our goal.
Faith is our guide.
Change is our vessel.
Understanding is our fuel.

Our Company

The Heston Group, LLC is a leadership consulting practice focused on helping our clients maximize the value of their business. We make sure the strategy is sound and then help our clients do the right thing, the right way at the right time.

Our Team

Steve HestonSteve Heston, “The Why Guy”
Founder and Managing Principal
Steve grows things: People. Teams. Businesses. Minds.
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An agent of meaningful change, he believes that, with the exception of Faith, what matters most is the willingness to ask “Why?” and “What if?” and to act on the answers once they’re discovered. Steve believes in action, and in changing course once the current course loses relevance. He believes that making a difference is the only thing that makes any difference.


Our Associates

The Heston Group, LLC’s network of professionals provide financial analysis, valuation, exit-strategy validation, investment banking and investment banking advice, among other services. We select our partners based upon “fit” and skillset to provide the quickest, yet most complete benefit to our clients.  We solve problems across the breadth of your business.