How We Do It

The Heston Group’s approach is based on listening, learning and leadership, each of which have their roots in our Core Values:

Faith: We lead by serving.
: We do well by doing good.
: We look forward.
:  We keep our eye on the ball.
:  We leverage strengths.

Our “Listen, Learn, Lead” engagement model is steeped in a questioning methodology that allows our clients to arrive at a better understanding of all things “Why?”

Once we understand why we’re doing — or not doing — whatever we’re doing — or should be doing, the path forward becomes much clearer, and the obstacles don’t look so daunting.

We ask, and we ask again. We listen, not just to the words that make up the answers, but to the context and the filters that shade them. We listen, intently and actively, and, as Covey said, we “seek first to understand.”

Then we lead, based on nearly 30 years of experience across diverse industries and through bull and bear markets. We use our experience to lead you to a place where you can better leverage your own wisdom, intellect and experience toward outcomes that make a difference for your company.

The Heston Group’s offerings include, but are not limited to:

Reviews & Evaluations
Creation & Planning
Assessment & Alternatives

Talent Assessment
Talent Evaluation
Turn-Around Management

Leadership Development
Talent Selection
Talent Education


Client Engagement
Go-To-Market Plans / Revisions
Client Feedback & Loyalty

Board-of-Director Seats
Advisory Roles
Succession Planning

Problem Solving
Staffing Models
Organizational Structure

Event Planning & Management
Client Events
Employee Events
Product Launches
Program Management

REELAX Guide To Leadership

Leadership and management are separate disciplines. They are related and interdependent, but they are separate.
Leaders lead.

At The Heston Group, we focus on Leadership.

When the direction is clear and when everyone understands the “Why?” Heston Group clients can rest easy at night because they REELAX all day.

R… (Hint: It’s about talent…)
E… (Hint: It’s about where you put talent…)
E… (Hint: It’s about what you get…)
L… (Hint: It’s about what you do…)
A… (Hint: It’s about certainty…)
X… (Hint: It’s about knowing WHY!)

If you’re so busy working in your business and not on your business, contact us today, we can help you REELAX.