The Daily Difference Signs Off


“I walk slowly, but I never walk backward.”

–     Abraham Lincoln

As I anticipated this post, I contemplated making sure the quote was from Dad.

This is the right quote, though, to lower the curtain.  And, to move on to whatever comes next.

Many of you have been with me for over 3,000 posts.  For your input, inspiration, loyalty and for joining in the conversation, I offer my heartfelt thanks.  You have made me better every day, and you have made a difference for me.  I hope, somehow, perhaps this blog has done the same for you.

What has been a labor of love for nearly 16 years has become more labor than love, so the Daily Difference closes out it’s run in this format for now.

I have a family and a team that deserves my undivided attention.  These are times that are so divisive that I find it more and more difficult to take the high road — and admittedly, that’s not a path I’ve always chosen, anyway.  So, for multiple reasons, it is time to stand down.  Why now?

There are two primary drivers in my life; Faith and Family.

I’m not sure either has gotten what they deserve from me lately — and so I’m going to invest much more deeply in both of them, in hopes that if difference-making really is what drives me, that I’ll make a difference in those two circles of influence, as a means of getting healthy, getting re-focused and getting “better,” every day.

I love to write.

Thank you for giving me a reason to write.  As I journal and explore and look within, here’s hoping that it stokes the fire at least as much as y’all have for almost a generation.

Until next, here’s to difference-making, and to difference-makers like you.





  1. Jeff Porter says

    Thank you for your efforts over the years to make us all better versions of ourselves. I have shared countless Daily Difference blog posts with others over the years when some idea you were expressing was perfectly captured and applicable to other things myself or others in my life were dealing with. Please know that you have made a difference and that your daily insights will be missed! Best of luck in your next life chapter.

  2. Catherine Cluney says

    Heston – Thank you for all of your articles, insight, guidance and friendship over the years. All the best to you in everything you do.

  3. Pamela Wilson says

    Thank you, Steve, for your unique insights to common and uncommon occurrences in life – both business and personal aspects. Best wishes to you always. You are a treasure.

  4. Jeff Wingfield says

    Steve, your unashamed devotion to faith and family has been an inspiration to me. I pray that more and more will come to understand that those two things, in that order, are so much more important than than “business.” Many times your words have given me food for thought and reason to reevaluate. Thank you.

  5. Tom Michaelian says

    Steve, I will miss the Daily Difference, but completely understand. These times are driving many to slow down and towards deeper reflection and taking an inventory of what’s really important – – which in my belief is a VERY good thing. I wish you and the family continued growth and wellness. Your friend, Tom

  6. Dan Thome says


    Hoping you find what you are looking for. If I can help, please reach out.


  7. Rich Teeter says

    Thank you Steve. Great run. I always enjoyed it and many times seemed like you were speaking directly to me.

  8. Dub Landgrebe says

    Steve – You have and will continually be an inspiration. Thank you for your transparency, commitment and servanthood in sharing your wisdom.

    Wish you and your family happiness, health and God’s continues blessings my friend.

  9. Mike Gathman says


    Thanks for being an iron sharpener…

    All the best for what’s next.

  10. Heidi Brown says

    So grateful for the number of Daily Difference posts that have touched me, encouraged me or inspired me. Writing is most definitely one of your many gifts. Wishing you all the best as you turn your next page. Miss ya!

  11. You’ve always amazed me that every day you had meaningful things to write! Thank you. Here’s to NEXT . . .

  12. James Newell says

    Honored to have been featured in a couple DD’s. Be Blessed! Thank you for the mentoring.

  13. Lyle Gray says

    As I write this, at a BB tournament in your great state of Iowa, I find myself depressed. A, sad to hear you are hanging up the spurs for a bit and B) 16 years!!!. Impossible….where did it go….?

  14. Caleb Davis says

    I’m a couple weeks behind and just now saw this. Surprising and not surprising. Love you buddy.

  15. Lane Schaller says

    Thanks for making a difference. People do listen.

    All the best with whatever comes next.

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