Information vs. Attention

“When information is plentiful, the scarce resource is attention.”

     –  Joseph Nye ( b. 1937), American political scientist

It’s never been easier to find information.  And, of course, it’s never been easier to find misinformation, too.

It’s never been easier to find supporting or disputing perspectives.  The Google, she is a powerful thing, and accuracy / efficacy be damned, it seems.

Attention.  Attention is the scarce resource.  When we can leverage attention to be present, to be in the moment, in the conversation — we set ourselves apart.

Tuesday night we watched the NBA Finals — our Milwaukee Bucks won their first championship in 50 years.  “How old is Giannis?” our daughter asked at one point.  While looking up the answer, we missed one of his best plays of the night (thank Heaven for re-play!).

I bet we’d have enjoyed the game more if we’d have given it our complete attention, instead of chasing information.

At work, I bet we’ll decide sooner, better and with less stress when we give the decision our complete attention, instead of chasing more information.


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