Election Results

“It’s the end of the world as we know it…”

–     Lyric to R.E.M.’s song of the same title

“Oh, Heaven is a place on earth…”

–     Lyric to Belinda Carlisle’s song of the same title

As I type this post, I have no idea the outcome of last night’s elections.  I don’t know who won, and I realize that even as you read this post, we still might not know.

Whatever the outcome, but based upon that outcome, many people will wake up believing one or the other of these two lyrics.

They’ll be wrong.

It won’t be the end of the world if “the other guy” got elected / re-elected.  Oh, yes, I can debate it’s pretty damned close in one instance, and some of my friends could debate, from their perspective, the other side.  And, even if “my guy” won, Heaven won’t be a place on earth.  You can look that one up.  Heaven has no ZIP code.  We gotta wait and take the spiritual shuttle to get there.

So, if it ain’t the end of the world, and if it also ain’t paradise-on-earth, what are we left to do?

As a nation, we have big problems.  They won’t be solved by whatever happened yesterday and last night.  They won’t be solved by one set of beliefs or another.  The problems we face don’t have single-threaded solutions.

Instead, the big problems the USA faces will require us to work together to establish a better direction, and to work from the middle to get headed in a better direction.

Whatever problems we face in our businesses, marriages, relationships,health, etc are best solved via that same approach.

How much of a difference will it make when each of us reaches out to one person today, and when we come together toward a mutually beneficial outcome?  In politics.  In business.  In life.

Oh, and one more thing.  It’s over.  Hush up.  Take your yard signs down.  Today.  Right this instant, take your yard signs the heck down.  Get on with the business of life, and let’s all do our best to make a difference for someone “on the other side” of something today.


  1. Steve. I am with you it is time to get to work on rebuilding this great country. Enough, campaigning, complaining and celebrating. The NE is still reeling from Sandy, the debt needs to be controlled and by the way healthy educated people are good for the economy so let’s afford our citizens that…

    Time to get to work.

  2. Thanks Steve.

    • Chuck Cline says

      Steve, Well said. We are all one under God in this great nation. Whether you are red or blue, donkey or elephant, we need to work together. Just thinking, what would we be able to accomplish if the president had a 6 year term only. No campaigning for reelection. You get 6 years to do your thing, then move on. It would be interesting to see how much campaigning for reelection actually deflects from the job of POTUS.

  3. Well written Steve. My yard sign is down.

    I especially enjoyed your post last week…something like, “In the name of sweet baby Jesus let this election be over”. Wisconsin was “over killed” with political calls and ads.We were getting a dozen calls a day at our home…almost gave up my land line phone. We received robo calls from Pat Boone, Clint Eastwood, Bill Clinton, Mitt Romney (he knew our name! “Hello Gray family”) and others….however, when Ronald Reagan called us two nights ago while we were watching Discovery Channels “Secrets form the grave”….I almost gave up drinking…..

    • Ladies and gentlemen, with the funniest reply in the ten-year history of the DD, please welcome, Mr. Gray!


      And here I thought I was the only one on a last-name basis with Mitt…

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