Connecting Connections

“Call ________! He’s either got a guy, or he’s got a guy that’s got a guy!”

–  A member of my network, one of very few whose name everyone would recognize

In their book “Insight Selling,” RAIN Group positions “connecting” as one leg of the stool in today’s professional services selling model.  Connect, Convince, Collaborate.

That collaboration piece is sometimes simply connecting connections.

A Client was recently in capital raise mode.  “Steve, we’d really like to raise another $_______ million in capital, but we don’t want to bring in another 50 small investors…”  They needed a guy, or a gal, who had fairly quick ties into someone who could write a 7-digit check.  It wasn’t me.  It wasn’t anyone on my first circle.  But, I knew someone who knew someone — and the connection was made.

As we build networks, it’s important to know who the people we know, know.  (I was 100% certain that Grammarly would hate that sentence, and it does!)  At the same time, it’s important to know how readily they want to connect their connections.

Connecting and collaborating can go a long way toward convincing our Clients that we’re the ones to turn to in order to solve problems — even if they’re not problems that we can solve on our own.

It’s called relationship equity — and building it will make as big of a difference as anything else we can do.


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