As Time Goes By…

“Don’t wish your life away!  There will come a time when you’ll wonder where it all went!”

          –     Dick Heston (1933 – 2002), my dad, and still the wisest man I’ve known

Mom and Dad loved to dance, and they were good at it.  The old Dooley Wilson standard, “As Time Goes By” was one of their favorite songs, and I always think of it when I hear Dad’s voice in my head — “don’t wish your life away.”  Baseball games at Fairfield High School were Mondays and Thursdays, basketball games on Tuesdays and Fridays, and I always wanted it to be “game day!”  That’s when Dad would say, “don’t wish your life away…”

Like many of his admonishments when I was a kid this one struck me as a sure sign Dad had lost his mind.  (We’ll touch on another one in Monday’s DD…)

In retrospect, man, did he get it!

Look, here’s the deal.

On our worst day, there are at least ten million people on earth that would trade places with us for every one person that wouldn’t.  We.  Are.  Blessed.  Not perfect, just blessed.  We’ve all known loss, hurt, sorrow, betrayal, fear or doubt.  Most of us have known those things from a warm home, with the next meal fully accounted for, and with someone to love or someone who loves us even when we might not be so loveable.

There does come a time when we wonder where it all went, and for starters that time ought to be the end of each day, when we marvel at the opportunities the day presented, and revel in the prospect of a tomorrow that holds great hope.  In case that tomorrow never comes, though, being thankful for today is the best we’ve got to offer.

If a deal didn’t close today, it’s not the end of the world.  If a presentation went squirrely today, the world probably won’t / didn’t notice.  If a client fired us, or a lover left us or — heck, fill in the blank with any of the icky things that might have happened — let’s don’t wish our lives away.

Dad was a farmer.  By the very nature of the work, that made him thankful, even though he put his livelihood in God’s hands every day, prayed for rain or for the rain to stop and did the best he could with whatever he had to do next.

If there’s a better business lesson out there, I’ve not yet found it.





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