Selling Defined


“The definition of professional selling is “the passionate transference of belief.”

–  Steve Heston 

Is it weird to quote yourself in your own blog, since essentially the whole post is quoting yourself?  But I digress…

There are probably a hundred definitions for sales and / or selling.  This week, we’ll focus on the professional selling of solutions.

Belief Wins

Let me begin with one truth that has been proven out time and time again for anyone who picks up a bag and carries a quota:  Belief trumps dang near anything else.  Why?

At its core, selling begins with a fundamental disagreement.  You think I need to buy what you sell, and I don’t think I need to buy what you sell.  If that weren’t true, no one would need a sales team.  The phone would just ring, the website would just churn out online orders faster than we could fill them and we’d need a couple of armored cars a day to get all our cash to the bank.  Layer on top of that the fact that there are dozens (hundreds?) of people that also sell products and solutions that claim to do the same thing(s) ours does — and it’s difficult to debate the importance of successful selling for any business.

So why is your Buick better than my Lincoln?  Why is your Pfizer vaccine better than my Moderna?  Why is your dental implant better than Sammy Ray’s Discount Dental Implant?  Why is your consulting worth more than ABC’s Consulting?

You tell me.

What do you believe?  And why do you believe it?  What’s better about the way it’s built?  What’s better about the way it’s delivered?  What’s better about the way it’s packaged?  What is undeniably true about what you sell compared to what others sell?

What is the one belief that you must passionately transfer to the buyer in order for them to make the emotional decision to buy?

In order:

  • We have to believe.  Really believe.  With conviction and curiosity to find places to use our belief to help someone else believe what we believe.
  • We have to be passionate about it.  Not loud.  Not demonstrative.  Not stubborn.  (Although some of those might come in handy from time to time…)  Passionate.
  • We have to be willing to learn the skills and hone them so that we can transfer our belief to others.
    • Curiosity.
    • Asking questions.
    • Listening.
    • Persuasion, including handling objections.
    • Wisdom a.k.a. knowing when to quit selling.
  • We have to be willing to help the buyer even if they don’t buy.
    • Enter the conversation with the intent and commitment to leave them better off than you find them.
    • Leave the conversation with the door open, and hopefully with enough relationship equity built up that someday your phone might ring when they need advice.

The passionate transference of belief.

Tomorrow — on “knowing when to play…”




  1. This sounds vaguely familiar! 🙂 Well done, Steve – always nice to receive a quick refresher.

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