REELAX Already!

“Stress is like an iceberg.  We see only a small portion of it without understanding what is below.”

–     Unattributed, so I am claiming it…

In business, stress usually comes from focusing on the wrong things at the wrong time, and addressing them, wrongly, in the wrong way.  (Dian Marker, my high school composition teacher, probably just twitched uncontrollably at that sentence…)  Stress comes from focusing on the urgent at the expense of the important.

Here are six simple focus points that will remove stress from our workaday lives and help us “REELAX!”

Recruit and Retain the best talent possible, even if it means being short-staffed over poorly staffed.

Create an Environment where success is the most likely outcome.

Set in place Expectations that are so clear, a chimpanzee can understand them.

Lead your people.  You can manage things and processes, but one must lead people.

Create Accountability that flows both ways, up and down the organization, and that is in place, enforced and lived every minute of every day.

Finally, X-Ray everything you do until you understand “Why.”  If we don’t know why we’re winning, why we’re losing, why we’re doing or not doing something, we don’t know nut’n!

Melt that iceberg, and REELAX while you do it!



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