“The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can ever take it away from you.”

–  BB King (1925 – 2015), legendary blues musician

On Monday night, we watched The Tallest of The Three walk across the stage with 700-some-odd of his classmates, officially a high school graduate.  Educated.  On to the next phase at a university in the Southwest USA.

The learning need not end, though.  In fact, learning need never end for any of us.

King, my Phil Mickelson of music, was still learning 90 years in — and that’s an inspiration for all of us.

Toward the end of his life and career, King recorded lots of songs with musicians from different genres, eras, and styles.  He loved to talk about what he learned in those sessions.  About how it could never be taken from him.

Collaboration is a hotbed of learning — and the cool thing is everyone in the collaborative arrangement learns from one another, and from the collective exchange.

Here’s hoping 700-some-odd members of the Class of 2021 can fall back on their experiences and collaborations and that they can look forward to those that are to come.  And that they never let go of the learning.



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