“Celebrity” Endorsers

Everyone we work with is a celebrity in our book. Here’s What they have to say…

“Steve is a business man by trade, but he is more defined by his relationships, integrity, and values. He is tremendous at recognizing team members and creating an environment for success. A relentless planner, he is a true change agent, and has made a significant impact on the company and on my career.”

–  Kent Welch


“Steve is truly a value-added business partner who quickly got to the business problem my team was trying to solve and brought in the right team to make it happen. Steve was very resourceful and effective in eliminating the noise, while genuinely focusing on exceeding the goals and objectives of the initiative at hand. I would highly recommend Steve as a genuine business partner in whatever you are trying to accomplish as his honesty, expertise, and leadership will ensure that you accomplish your  goals and objectives.”

–  Lucino Sotelo


“Steve’s ability to assemble a diverse group of people and form a cohesive team is unprecedented. Never short of new ideas, he is always willing to challenge the status quo. In today’s tough economic climate his leadership skills have proven to be extremely effective because as we all know, the rules have changed.”

–  Barry Holst


“Steve possesses a rare combination of business sense, vision, and integrity. I have been fortunate to have Steve advise me on several business decisions and have always received thoughtful and valuable counsel.”

–  Peter Kujawa


“Simply put, Steve is a mentor and teacher. He will nudge you outside of your comfort zone and help you drive more value for the company. Steve is a challenging motivator that drives business results individually and through others. He thrives in an ever-changing and challenging environment.”

–  James Newell


“Steve’s mentorship ability has helped me become a more effective leader.   One quality of note, among many, is Steve’s methodical process of leveraging the experience and knowledge that he has gained from others throughout his career and life to solve tough business problems, effectively lead his team through difficult change, and to mentor and help those around him to be successful.”

–  Morgan Beard


“Having known Steve for over ten years I feel confident in describing him with one simple word…leader! Steve is a leader that listens to his people. Steve is a leader that communicates expectations and holds those around him accountable to those expectations, regardless of reporting relationships. Steve is a leader that shares a vision for the organization. And most importantly Steve is a leader with an uncompromising set of values.”

–  Dan Carey


“An executive with unquestionable character, Steve Heston also is an inspirational leader. Teams work smarter and harder as a result of his leadership. Simply put, he raises the game of those around him. Sound business fundamentals enable Steve to interpret the realities of market and client buying cycles versus simply unfocused sales aggression. His broad experience ranging from executive management for a technology startup, coupled with C-level relationship building skills affords him a uniquely balanced view of business operations. Steve’s direct and honest style leaves customers, employees, colleagues and consultants all with the comfort that each and every interaction with him is genuine. Coupled with intensely positive energy and talent, Steve can be an asset to any organization that needs action and results.”

–  Dave Howard