“I wanted to be an orthopedic surgeon, but it involved a lot of coordination, and I do not have magic hands.”

–     Sue Desmond-Hellman, CEO of Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

“How can this team revolve around me if I never get the ball?”

–     My buddy, Geoff Hutton, during a time out in an intramural basketball game, circa 1982 (offered tongue-in-cheek to lighten the pressure)

Knowing what we’re best at doing is important.  Knowing what we’re not best at doing is, too.

Ms. Hellman was an excellent doctor, just not a surgeon.  “Hutch” was a great athlete, just not a great basketball player.

The more time we spend doing what we’re best at doing, the more rewarding our days, and the more success we’ll find…

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