Reprised: While They’re Alive, While We’re Alive


“So, you live from day to day, and you dream about tomorrow
And the hours go by like minutes, and the shadows come to stay
So you take a little something to make them go away

And I could have done so many things, baby
If I could only stop my mind
From wonderin’ what I left behind
And from worrying ’bout this wasted time”

     –    Lyric from “Wasted Time” by Glenn Frey and Don Henley / Eagles

This reprised post from a little over a year ago is in honor of Lauren Smith, who went to be with the Lord on December 4th.  Lauren’s 10+ year fight with cancer ended today, and a hole miles wide is opened up in the world she leaves behind, even as the world she joins is made even more awesome by the angel who just joined the choir.  Lauren’s husband is a life-long friend of mine.  Whether you knew Lauren or not, you know someone who’s dealt with or is dealing with cancer’s awful curse.  The irony in the midst of the pain is that the grace and strength and wisdom and peace that Lauren, Clark and their two daughters have shown has Blessed us all.  We have a new understanding of what adversity is, and of what it is not.  And, we have a new reason to pick up the phone and tell someone we love that we do.

For Lauren Smith and her family… 

In a life compelled by music, Eagles was a band that has been a major piece of who I am, musically, philosophically and, to a certain degree, spiritually. Sure, they recorded almost every song in a key I could sing in, making my days as a cover-band front man at least bearable for the audiences. But they also wrote about, sang about and delved into topics, feelings and experiences that were — are — important to me.

Thank God I saw them live, because Glenn is gone, and thus so is Eagles. (It’s not “The” Eagles — and it always drove Glenn nuts when people added the “The.”)

David Bowie is gone, too. I never saw him perform live, but his music was also a strong influencer for my generation. BB King passed recently. Thankfully I saw him a half dozen times, because “the thrill is gone.”

We never know about tomorrow. Heck, we’re not even sure about later today. So we ought not to worry about wasted time, and instead stop wasting time. See the artists that move you, while they’re alive, while we’re alive. Have coffee with the people that inspire you, while they’re alive, while we’re alive. Call someone who will have their day changed for the better because you called — while they’re alive, while we’re alive.  Call someone you love.  And tell them you love them.  Then, show them every day that it’s true.

Glenn Frey. David Bowie. BB King. Dad. Mom.  And now the wife of a dear friend. The list is long, and growing. That’s part of being 55. But wasting time worrying, missing and wondering “woulda, coulda, shoulda” doesn’t have to be. Now, I gotta go buy some Cowboy Mouth tickets, make a few phone calls and buy a round of coffee. While they’re alive. While I’m alive.



  1. Mick Kirisits says

    Sorry for your loss Steve, sending prayers.

  2. Peggy Urtz says

    Thanks for sharing so eloquently. I love Lauren and her family and feel her loss with you.

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