Environment — And A Holiday Hiatus

“I blame myself for this more than anything because I hate it when people blame their environment.  Especially in a leadership position, you’re responsible for how you react to your environment and how you change your environment, and for being a positive force to change it for the better if you think something is toxic.”

–     Theo Epstein, General Manager of the World Champion Chicago Cubs, in this week’s “Sports Illustrated,” regarding his departure from Boston

Theo Epstein led two organizations to end the longest World Series droughts in baseball history, first with the moribund Boston Red Sox and then with the eternally frustrated Chicago Cubs.  He is widely regarded to be the top executive in professional sports right now.  He’s also described as exceptionally empathetic and tuned in to the people around him.

He’s clearly tuned in to himself, as well.

Blame is a suckers game — and holding ourselves accountable is the stuff of difference making.

Whether we’re leaders or workers, we’re responsible for how we react and respond to our environment, and if we’re workers working for good leaders, we ought to come together to change things for the better where we can.  Together.

As we approach the (Steve’s opinion) most significant birthday on the calendar every year, the Diff will take a hiatus until January 3rd.  Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and may all the Blessings of the season be on you and those you love.



  1. Mick Kirisits says:

    Merry Christmas Steve! Enjoy your family time, look forward to your posts after the new year.

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